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The Challenge

The unprecedented technical development lead to




 new challenges for companies





New Work



The Challenge

The unprecedented technical development
of growing digitalization comes with




this increasingly leads to new challenges



Mass data



Mass Missinformation



and unwanted side-effects of digitalization for companies, society and planet earth are:

Isolation, Burn-out, Disconnection

More than ever daily business is full of uncertainty and complexity. The outcome of a decision taken today is not possible to foresee and is difficult not to overreact to yesterday’s developments. This places extraordinary demands on leaders in business and beyond. Even before home-office heavy times you could observe this:

The Effects



Feeling internally burned out continues to rise to 38% (Gallup Survey, 2021)


Employee Turnover

40% of employees looking for a job: peak (Gallup Survey, 2021)


Financial Cost

More than 100 billion euros are the economic costs of internal termination (Gallup Survey, 2021).

The biggest Leadership Challenge

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-17 um 09.54.28.png

Arnsten, 2009, Illustration by AXS Biomedical Animation Studio

Chronic mild stress evokes chemical changes in the human brain impairing the higher cognitive functions of the prefrontal cortex while strengthening primitive brain reactions. This flip from reflective to reflexive brain state may have survival value when we are in danger, but it can be ruinous for life in the Information Age, when we need higher cognitive abilities to thrive, communicate and lead. Very briefly summarized this leads to:

  1. ↑ Distraction

  2. ↑ Loss of Big Pic

  3. ↑ Poor Decision-Making

The Solution

High retention prevents burnout and turnover (Gallup Survey, 2021). At the same time, mindfulness based emotinal intelligence lowers burnout and increases strong engagement (Wise Impact Lab, 2019). That's exactly what our Leadership Program and solutions are designed for.
For example for eBay, the Transformational Leadership Program was a true success story. The feedback from the participants as well as the measured impact of the intervention on the defined KPIs show remarkable results.

To measure the impact of the program, all participants are invited to a self-assessment survey. Averaging the results from four journeys conducted 2019-2020, the evaluations show remarkable results on the defined KPIs.

Overall Uplift


KPI Uplift

Focus & Productivity


Mindset & Agility

httpstuncolife.comcerro-verde-hotel-izalco-volcano (1).png

Stress Regulation & Wellbeing

httpstuncolife.comcerro-verde-hotel-izalco-volcano (2).png

Communication & Co-creation

httpstuncolife.comcerro-verde-hotel-izalco-volcano (1).png

METHODOLOGY: The uplifts are the result of a survey that participants of the Mindful Leadership program at eBay Classifieds Group conducted in collaboration with Wevolve completed before (t0) and after (t1) the program. The questionnaire comprises 12 questions with a 5-point Likert scale from 0 (never) to 100 (always). The results have been aggregated to an overall uplift and to 4 specific KPI clusters.

The Leadership Program

To ensure a habit transformation we developed a blended-learning journey. It consists of three main stages, each logically building upon each other, providing a range of methodical approaches that combine science, practice and reflection. 




Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-17 um 16.31.34.png

90min onsite or online

4 x 3h online trainings

onsite training

6 weeks x 60min webinars

  • Introduction to mindful leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Initial experience and understanding of mindfulness

  • Inspiration for people to join the intensive workshop and program

  • Training for mindful leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Presentations, practices, group work, discussions and reflection

  • Learning of basic practices and how to integrate them

  • Program to exchange destructive habits with effective routines

  • Six focus topics to boost habit change

  • Homework: daily practices, buddy groups and reflection

The Approach

image99 (1).png
  1. (Neuro-) scientifically tested methods of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, positive psychology and habit change.

  2. Best practices from companies such as eBay, Google, SAP, Boston Consulting Group and many more that can be integrated into everyday life as a matter of habit.

  3. A scalable design to involve many people and enable long-term cultural change in your organization.

The key is to cultivate a mindset that allows to navigate with a high level of awareness and decisiveness to adapt moment-by-moment, staying connected with one’s own principles of integrity and the team supporting each other along the way. Our Leadership Solutions train this skill set.

The formats range from keynotes and workshops to extended programs, as well as Search Inside Yourself Trainings, developed and tested at Google. Depending on your demand they can be facilitated standalone or seamlessly integrated into existing leadership initiatives. 

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