The Team

Dr. Yana Heussen

Dr. Yana Heussen is the founder of WIL. With her 10+ years experience as a coach and trainer she is on fire for conscious, compassionate, and courageous leadership.


She is convinced that when we bring our whole self to the table magic happens, people thrive and businesses get to the next level.


She creates transformational journeys on the basis of her scientific background in neuropsychology, her own experience as a consultant and her personal 10+ years of mindfulness practice.


Her morning meditation routine, yoga, dancing and singing fill her with calm, curiosity and joy.


Vera Liebergesell

Vera Liebergesell is an executive coach and trainer for mindfulness-based organizational solutions.


Due to > 25 years of corporate leadership experience in aviation industry, she helped many individuals to empower and unfold their true potential.


Her mission is to enhance any individual, team or company performance by building up or improving resilience, stress-management as well as conscious and effective work-flows.


Yossi Ben Asher

Yossi Ben Asher combines more than 20 years in executive level positions and mindfulness practice. 

As a board member, he founded and managed the mindfulness center at the biggest college to train teachers in Israel. 

In 2018 Yossi founded Leadinside - a leadership training firm providing corporates mindfulness and emotional intelligence based programs. 


Dr. Matthias Jacobi

Dr. Matthias Jacobi is a medical doctor and with 10+ years of experience as an executive trainer and coach, he empowers people to take responsibility of their health, body and mind.


With his 30+ years of background in meditation and neurofeedback he is convinced that mindfulness is a core competence that enables leaders to be anchored in themselves and to be clear and present in contact with others.


David Hudnut

David Hudnut is passionate about awakening the intelligence of groups. His motto: Who knows what's possible?


His work experience and background in economics, political science, psychology and anthropology inform his work with individuals and groups.


He is fascinated with the ways organizational cultures could prototype social breakthroughs. David's meditation practice of 30 years and his joy in running and rock climbing help him keep his center.


Daniel Rieber

Daniel Rieber is a systemic coach and mindfulness trainer and empowers people and companies to master the challenges of the digital transformation and to unfold their true potential.


As an experienced leader himself, Daniel understands the challenges and needs of companies, leaders and teams in an agile and fast-paced environment.


Eric Mahleb

Eric Mahleb is a design, innovation and agile mindset consultant with 20 years of experience working for companies, start-ups, NGOs, agencies and consultancies.


Connecting this with his background as a cognitive behavior therapist he is interested in how a shift in consciousness at the organisational level can impact the world at large.


Dr. Nico Rönpagel

Dr. Nico Rönpagel integrates scientific knowledge and transformative practices to create fresh pathways of connection, compassion and purpose in personal and professional growth.


With 15 years background in meditation, yoga and dance, he has brought mindfulness to universities, art museums, classical concerts, conferences and various professional environments.


Anita Verster

Anita Verster has 20+ years’ experience in Coaching, Organisational  & Leadership Development and Culture transformation. 

In 1999 she founded the consulting company E-Path CC in Johannesburg.


 ​Her background in understanding organisational dynamics has led her to values-driven culture transformation work in some of the largest organisations in South Africa and Africa. 

To transform organizational cultures, it is important to foster self-awareness and development of conscious leaders. Striving for inner growth and valuable relationships with all stakeholders is key to sustainable and conscious organizations.


Her own mindfulness practice is an integral part of her life and helps her stay open and curious to learn and grow every day.


Isabelle Tudorica

Isabelle Tudorica is a Systemic Coach and aspires to opening and connecting many hearts. Her personal growth path includes learning new things, dancing and fighting for justice.