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We are WIL, a global leadership development and research group. Our purpose is to help leaders and their teams mature into “wiser decision-making”. We are convinced that this is the only true way to address the challenges we face as human beings - at work or home and as global citizens.

We support leaders and organizations to foster presence, collaboration, resilience & performance.

We train mindfulness-based emotional intelligence grounded on research in neuroscience and organizations, ultimately delivering extraordinary business results.




of employees are disengaged, leading to lower personal productivity and company success
(Gallup Survey, 2018)


of leaders report regularly being unable to be attentive in meetings
(Institute for Mindful Leadership, 2010)

 >€77 bn

are the economic costs of internal termination
(Gallup Survey, 2018)

More than ever daily business is full of uncertainty and complexity. The outcome of a decision taken today is not possible to foresee and it is difficult not to overreact to yesterday’s developments. This places extraordinary demands on leaders in business and beyond. 


The key is to cultivate a mindset that allows to navigate with a high level of awareness and decisiveness to adapt moment-by-moment, staying connected with one’s own principles of integrity and the team supporting each other along the way.



Our Leadership Solutions range from keynotes and workshops to extended programs, as well as Search Inside Yourself trainings, developed and tested at Google. Depending on your demand they can be facilitated standalone or seamlessly integrated into existing leadership initiatives.

These are the skills you can expect to develop:

All our solutions are customized with clients to be immersive, scientifically-validated, and practical leadership journeys. These can contain diagnostic assessments, workshops, executive coaching, digital learning, and pre/post-program measurement and evaluation.

The Search Inside Yourself Leadership training is a sound and well-investigated leadership program that teaches focus and mindfulness to build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for constructive leadership. 

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Nina Krüger

CFO eBay Kleinanzeigen

"For eBay Kleinanzeigen, employee wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance are essential pillars of our company culture. On this mission, the mindful leadership program gave us powerful tools to integrate more mindfulness and compassion into our professional lives. WIL did an outstanding job understanding our needs and working closely with our teams to achieve sustainable change."


Dr. Alexander Steinbrecher

Head of Group Corporate, M&A and Legal Affairs, Bombardier

"WIL did a fantastic job in giving the Mindful Leadership Training to my colleagues and me at Bombardier Transportation in Berlin. What makes them stand out? It is this rare combination of scientific knowledge, practical business experience and a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence. They are just excellent in what they are doing, because they are so passionate about it."


Fabian Schmitt

Team Lead, eBay Kleinanzeigen

”I was really surprised about how I got to know my colleagues through the Mindful Leadership program even though I’ve known them already for a few years now. I learnt to connect on a much more personal level with them. Besides that, I learned a lot about self-leadership and how to implement it into my daily life, which gave me a whole new perspective on my inner self.”



  • Get inspired by the effects of true connection as well as the science, practices and corporate case studies 

  • 90min keynote

  • For up to 200 participants

  • Online or offline

  • Support work-life balance in times of home-office to calibrate, connect and cultivate impactful leadership

  • Daily 30min morning or evening online sessions

  • For up to 40 participants

  • Learn about the benefits, science and practices and exchange old destructive habits with effective routines

  • 3 months program with 90-180min online or offline sessions

  • For up to 40 participants

  • Experience the benefits, science and practices and learn how to exchange old destructive habits with effective routines

  • 3h workshop

  • For up to 40 participants

  • Online or offline









To ensure a habit transformation we developed a blended-learning journey. It consists of three main stages, each logically building upon each other, providing a range of methodical approaches that combine science, practice and reflection. 




90min onsite or online

4 x 3h online trainings

2-day onsite training

6 weeks x 90min webinars

  • Introduction to mindful leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Initial experience and understanding of mindfulness

  • Inspiration for people to join the intensive workshop and program

  • Training for mindful leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Presentations, practices, group work, discussions and reflection

  • Learning of basic practices and how to integrate them

  • Program to exchange destructive habits with effective routines

  • Interactive online seminars with
    six customized focus topics

  • Homework: daily practices, buddy groups and reflection


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